Disparities research network connects members with LinkedIn

May 13, 2014

N I A’s Health Disparities Research Persons Network (H D P R N) group on LinkedIn

Members can now join NIA’s Health Disparities Research Persons Network (HDPRN) group on LinkedIn.

NIA’s Health Disparities Research Persons Network (HDRPN) has a new home with LinkedIn, the popular professional networking site.

Developed in 2008 by NIA’s Office of Special Populations, the HDRPN provides technical and capacity-building assistance to scientists interested in aging research, especially studies involving diverse and underserved groups. Moving the HDRPN’s virtual network to LinkedIn will help enhance connections among senior investigators and early and mid-career investigators who seek professional guidance about effective study design, minority health, health disparities, and subject recruitment.

Benefits of joining the HDRPN on LinkedIn

  • Greater interface with NIA’s Office of Special Populations and a direct line to learn about opportunities to participate in grant reviews and advise on other projects to support underserved populations
  • Notices about conferences and workshops related to aging, health disparities, and diversity
  • Opportunities to exchange ideas and potentially collaborate on research to effectively address the needs of diverse aging populations

Network members can now link their personal LinkedIn profiles to the new NIA Health Disparities Resource Persons Network group.

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