Understanding Alzheimer's Disease: What You Need to Know

What about research on Alzheimer's disease?

Ed’s story

older couple discussing results with researcher

My nephew told me about an Alzheimer’s disease study at a nearby research center. I don’t have memory problems now, but the disease runs in my family, so I worry about it. I called to find out about the study. The nurse asked me some questions about myself and my family health history to see if I could join. Later, my wife and I set up a time to go to the research center.

Taking part in the study has been interesting. Research like this could help in finding new treatments or even someday preventing Alzheimer’s. Being part of a study is important to help my family and others in the future.

Researchers are doing studies with people who have different kinds of memory problems to find new and better ways to treat the disease. They also are looking at how to prevent Alzheimer’s, slow the disease, and reduce its symptoms.

People with Alzheimer’s disease, MCI, or a family history of Alzheimer’s may be able to take part in clinical trials, a type of research study. Healthy people with no memory problems and no family history of Alzheimer’s also may be able to take part in clinical trials.

Joining a clinical trial or other research study is a way to help fight Alzheimer’s disease.

Publication Date: August 2011
Page Last Updated: October 21, 2015