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The Alzheimer's Project (HBO)

The National Institute on Aging/NIH collaborated with HBO Documentary Films in presenting THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT, an Emmy Award winning, multi-platform (television, web, DVD, and print) public health series. The series looks at groundbreaking scientific discoveries and seeks to bring a wider public understanding of Alzheimer's disease research and care.

THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT is centered on four documentary films—on science and research, children touched by Alzheimer’s, and people with the disease and their caregivers. The series debuted May 10-12, 2009, on HBO. Two of the films received 2009 Creative Arts Emmy Awards: Grandpa, Do You Know Who I Am? won the Outstanding Children’s Nonfiction Program Award and The Memory Loss Tapes won the Exceptional Merit in Nonfiction Filmmaking Award. The Alzheimer’s Project also received the Television Critics Award for Outstanding Achievement in News and Information.

All of the films are available to view free at

Films and More

Closed captioning logoThere are also closed captioned versions available of the 4 main videos and 15 short films.

The four documentaries are (click on links below to view films):

THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT: THE MEMORY LOSS TAPES—provides an up-close and personal look at seven individuals living with Alzheimer’s

THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT: MOMENTUM IN SCIENCE—a two-part state-of-the-science film takes viewers inside the laboratories and clinics of 24 leading scientists and physicians, revealing some of the most cutting-edge research advances

THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT: 'GRANDPA, DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?' WITH MARIA SHRIVER—captures what it means to be a child or grandchild of one who suffers

THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT: CAREGIVERS—highlights the sacrifices and successes of the people who experience their loved ones’ descent into dementia

The Project also includes:

NIA provided scientific and technical guidance to the films and other aspects of the Project. Other collaborators include:

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Education and Outreach Campaign

Poster of the projectAlong with the films and other materials, HBO, NIA, the Alzheimer’s Association and other collaborators led an education and outreach campaign to bring wider understanding about research in Alzheimer’s disease and greater knowledge of resources for caregivers.

The Project offered DVDs of the films to thousands of communities nationwide, providing viewer discussion guides, information resources, and practical details about hosting a community event to promote education and discussion about Alzheimer’s on a local level. Click here for more information and materials you can use in your community.

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