About NIA


Rebecca Fuldner, Ph.D.

  • Name: Rebecca Fuldner, Ph.D.
    Title: Program Officer
    Office: DAB
    E-mail: fuldnerr@nia.nih.gov
    Phone: 301-496-6402

    Endocrinology Program

    • Age-related changes in hormone production, metabolism, and action
    • Age-related changes in non reproductive hormones and hormone action

    Immunology Program

    • Molecular basis of age-related decline in adaptive and innate immune functions
    • Age-related changes in hematopoiesis, thymopoiesis, lymphocyte differentiation and proliferation
    • Inflammation and aging
    • Autoimmune disease and other age-related immunopathology
    • Interventions to retard and/or correct age-related decline in immune function